Some say they don't believe
That Angels can be seen or heard.
What a shame such blindness
What a pity such deafness
When the Song of songs abounds...
And Heaven's flyers are all around...
Only thinly disguised... as birds.

... R.R. Holster/PetStation

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    NOTE: Bird-keepers. If you are using non-stick cookware, and your birds are anywhere close to where you are cooking... get rid of that cookware NOW! Go to all stainless steel cookware NOW! Don't put it off. The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) chemicals contained in the non-stick cookware are extremely deadly to birds if the cookware is over-heated, and that can so easily happen. Don't risk it! We lost one of our precious birds in just this way. We procastinated getting rid of the non-stick cookware (it's SO convenient). One day a pan overheated and one of our precious birds sitting in the kitchen, happy and healthy one minute, was dead a few minutes later. Let the death of our bird save yours!!! Get rid of your non-stick cookware NOW!

    Check Pet Poison Helpline for more information on danger to pets.


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Toby-Sue, double-yellow headed Amazon.
Can you help us continue to find good homes for parrots like Toby-Sue?
Any donation amount helps Puget Sound Parrot Rescue pay for food, board, cages, toys and medical check-ups for our flock!
Thanks from the birds at Puget Sound Parrot Rescue!

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