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Hello, children of the world, and welcome to PetStation Kids!

We are just getting started on this part of PetStation. Come to think of it, we're just getting started on ALL parts of PetStation. Do you want to help us make this area really great? You can by joining in the fun. Be sure and "sign in" on the form below, so we can add you to the list of PetStation Kids. Tell us where you live (be sure to say what country), and what types of pets you have and are interested in. Other kids from all around the world will do this, too, and you will all be able to write to each other. If you don't know how, ask your parents to help you send in the sign-in form, and to E-mail a message to any of the other kids you find here.

You can even have your own "page" at PetStation Kids! If your parents or another adult know how to make up a "web page", they can help you do one for yourself. Maybe you know how to make a web page... we don't put anything past kids these days. You can put photos of yourself and your pets, or drawings, and other things. Be sure and tell a little about yourself, like your age and other interests, and maybe what it is like living where you do. When your web page is finished, let us know what your "Internet address" (URL) is, and we will put it here.

If no one around knows how to do this, don't worry, you can just send in some stuff and if it's really cool we'll post it on our PetStation Kids Showcase page (which isn't ready yet... we are waiting for you to send in something). You can mail your letters, poems, stories, photos and drawings to PetStation Kids, Box 46401, Seattle, WA 98146, USA.

Don't send anything that you want back, because we are so busy keeping up with all of this PetStation stuff that we just don't have time to organize things to be sent back. So try to make copies of your photos or drawings for safe-keeping at your home. Make sure that your parents know what you are sending in, and please get their approval for us to list your E-mail address. That's very important.

We already have four PetStation Kid pages that you should check out. The first is by a girl named Madde, who lives in Sweden. Her dad helped her make up this really neat page, and I think that all "online" kids should have something like this. Sarah lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and her page is patterned after Madde's. Emily is another American, but she lives in Stavanger, Norway. And Josh is from Canada. Have a look at these kid pages by clicking down below.

First, though, be sure to sign in as an official PetStation Kid. Thanks, and remember that if you're a kid, you're special... and if you love pets, you're Extra Special!

Peace through Pets -- all around the World!

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