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The Free-Flying Blue-Crowned Conure

The Movie

First of all, a tip of my wing to the producers of "Paulie" for their impeccable taste in selecting a Blue-crowned conure as the star of their movie. I never thought I'd live to see the day! As if there would ever be a movie made about any type of parrot! And if there was a movie to be made about a parrot, I would have bet everything down to my gray underwear it would star one of those blabber-mouth Amazons, or maybe an oh-so-cutesy cockatoo, or one of those gaudy macaws you humans just seem to be so bonkers about.

I just never would have dreamed it would be about a conure. A Blue-crowned conure, indeed! What a world!

And, of course, I was pleased to see that three other types of conures were featured. A Red-masked, a Nanday, and a Jenday. Bully for them! Yet, not a sun conure in sight! Take that, Tinga!

Oh, Tinga's one of my roommates. He's a sun conure. He's convinced he's the most beautiful parrot in the world. Heh, heh. He'll never live this down.

You have to have more than just great looks to make it in the movies. Well, come to think about it... I think that only applies to animal actors. Yep, we animals have to have smarts, too.

Of course, as a BCC, that Paulie is cute and smart. He knew a good thing when he had it. His best situation was with a little girl named Marie. They were very attached to each other, and were very good for each other. But, as they often do, people messed things all up. Marie's parents decide to send Paulie away. I didn't like that part because I know it's all too common. Sometimes humans don't think of us birds as real people, with feelings, too. Pet birds can get passed around a lot. I've been lucky. I've only been moved once, and I came to a great situation. One of my roommates, Charlie Brown, he's been moved five times! Good thing he ended up with us.



  • Gena Rowlands ----- Ivy
  • Jay Mohr ----------- Paulie/Benny
  • Tony Shalhoub ----- Misha
  • Cheech Marin ------ Ignacio
  • Bruce Davison ------ Dr. Reingold
  • Matt Craven -------- Warren
  • Tia Texada ---------- Ruby/Lupe
  • Buddy Hackett ------ Artie
  • Hallie Kate Eisenberg --- as little girl Marie, see photo
  • Trini Alvarado ------- Adult  Marie
  • Directed by: John Roberts 
    Produced by: Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn, Allison Lyon Segan, Ginny Nugent 
    Executive producer: Ginny Nugent 
    Director of photography: Tony Pierce-Roberts 
    Production designer: Dennis Washington 
    Film editor: Bruce Cannon 
    Costume designer: Mary Zophres 
    Music by: John Debney 
    Co-producer/unit production manager: Michele Weisler 
    Animal stunt coordinator: Boone Narr 
    Written by: Laurie Craig 
    Rated PG for brief mild language.
    Running time: 92 min 

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